Deep River Chairsofters

My wife Mikyla and I, Purchased a beautiful 2015 Civic Si Sedan from Barrie Honda, we were both 19 at the time, so It was hard to get a loan at first but they pushed through and got us a loan. We have very good credit, it’s just young people get bad rep. Anyways! we had a very good experience! we rushed them cause we needed a car really bad, so they forgot to install a block heater and the floor mats (hense the 4/5 stars) We got sent a card so we didn’t have to pay or those installs.
All in all Barrie honda’s service surprised us! my wife got a birthday card in the mail, which was a nice thought.
If you do service with Barrie Honda definitely suggest doing sales with Tom! he is awesome!!!

T Dawson

Amit S. did an outstanding job providing fantastic customer service as the Service Advisor who assisted me last week. His friendly efficiency, attention to detail, persistent efforts to resolve the alignment issue with my CRV and ongoing communication regarding options and suggestions were superb. This, in addition to the quick handling of the needed recall and requested oil change were very appreciated. I will be back and will be requesting his outstanding assistance!

P. Oulster

I financed a CRV I was leasing from Alberta at Barrie Honda. My experience was mainly with Jason in financing. The service he provided was excellent. I needed repairs done, licence plates and other odds and ends. Barrie Honda took care of it gracefully, financed the entire package for me. The overall experience was excellent, I would deal with them again when purchasing another vehicle for sure!

R Baillie

I have purchased 9 vehicles from Barrie Honda. All have been fantastic Honda vehicles. The Sales people I have dealt with have all been polite, courteous, and professional. The Finance and Leasing Staff are excellent. The Service Department has been very good, cheerful, and professional. I suspect the negative reviews have been made by folks whom might be a little “unreasonable” in their expectations.

D. Ritchie

I would like to take this opportunity to personally THANK HONDA! I went in to replace my A/C and my warranty had expired. It was going to cost a significant amount of money. As part of their goodwill program unbeknownst to me I was chosen to receive the parts free of charge if I paid for the labor. They also touched up a small dent in the bumper as well.This was an awesome gesture on their part and I want to thank HONDA again for their kindness and quality of service.
Thanks HONDA