“I went in with my husband about 2-2 and a half weeks ago looking to buy a brand new hrv. Since my husband works at HCM we knew beforehand that the sales team doesn’t exactly benefit personally from a HCM sale due to the amazing discounts they receive. However we were treated with nothing but respect and kindness. We had the best luck with getting Charles (chuck as he prefers to be called) and had the best time with him! He was very friendly and efficient. We did know before hand what vehicle we wanted but I feel if you didn’t know what you wanted that Chuck would absolutely put you into the vehicle you needed. We had exceptional service from Chuck and Monica (finance lady). Please ask for Chuck if you are considering a new Honda vehicle! I personally cannot wait to go back in another 2 years to spend all my money on a new car with Chuck as our personal sales person. Thank you Barrie Honda and team, please continue hiring people like Chuck and Monica!”