Honda Battery Care

Why Get Genuine Honda Replacement Batteries?

Battery Care is an often forgotten aspect of caring for your Honda. The battery provides the power to the engine to start the vehicle, and provides the power for the electrical systems of the car. Over time the battery’s efficiency deteriorates. A weak battery can be one of the most inconvenient and frustrating experiences that any car owner can have, avoid it all by bringing your battery to us. Our  technicians will check your vehicle's battery and charging system at every service visit, and if necessary, replace it with a Genuine Honda Battery.

Genuine Honda replacement batteries are manufactured to match the specifications of your Honda’s electrical system, are competitively priced and are backed by a 60-month, unlimited-mileage warranty. During the first 24 months, the battery and labour are covered 100%. During months 25 through 60, the replacement cost of the battery is pro-rated.

As part of Honda’s dedication to environmental care initiatives, all Genuine Honda replacement batteries are recovered and recycled using the most Eco-friendly methods.