Hidden Gems: Unreleased Honda Models That Never Made It to North America

Honda has a vast history of producing vehicles that have captured the eyes of many around the world. While we may be familiar with the many models Honda has to offer, there is a plethora of unreleased gems that haven’t made their way to us in North America! In this blog, we embark on an exciting journey to uncover these hidden treasures and explore the exclusive Honda models that never made it to our neck of the woods. Get ready to be amazed by the rare and unique Hondas that have become collector's items for passionate car enthusiasts.

1. The Honda S660 (2015-2022): Unleashing its agile handling and turbocharged engine, the Honda S660, a pint-sized sports car, made waves in the international market. Its sleek and stylish roadster design turned heads, captivating car buffs with its undeniable allure. Unfortunately, North American roads never witnessed the exhilarating performance of the S660, leaving drivers yearning for a taste of its driving excitement.

2. Honda Beat (1991-1996): Showcasing Honda's engineering prowess, the Honda Beat remained an international exclusive. With its rev-happy engine, lightweight design, and nimble handling, the Beat delivered a thrilling and dynamic driving experience. While people around the world embraced the joyous ride of the Beat, North American drivers were left longing for the chance to experience this hidden gem.

3. Honda E (2020-Present): Wowing European markets, the Honda E boasted a retro-inspired design and cutting-edge electric powertrain. This compact electric vehicle not only offered advanced technology but also exuded a charming personality that resonated with drivers seeking a unique and eco-friendly ride. Sadly, the Honda E's innovative features remained absent from North American shores, leaving the region eager to witness its charm.

4. Honda Civic Type R (EK9) (1997): The Honda Civic Type R held a legendary status among performance car aficionados, and the iconic EK9 generation was a significant part of its lineage. With its high-revving engine, sport-tuned suspension, and aggressive styling, the EK9 embodied the essence of a true enthusiast's car. Once again, North American drivers were deprived of the opportunity to witness this extraordinary model officially on their roads, intensifying their desire to embrace its dynamic performance and allure.

5. Honda City Turbo II (1982-1986): During the vibrant 1980s, the turbocharged pocket rocket known as the Honda City Turbo II became a sensation in Japan. It’s unique styling, compact dimensions, and turbocharged performance captured the imagination of Honda lovers all over the world. The City Turbo II never found its way to North American showrooms, leaving enthusiasts unable to witness the zippy and spirited driving experience it delivers.

6. Honda Prelude Type S (1996-2001): Renowned for its sleek design and sporty performance, the Honda Prelude Type S exemplified Honda's commitment to driving enjoyment. With its aerodynamic lines, refined handling, and spirited acceleration, it became a favorite among buffs in various markets. The Type S variant remained exclusive to other regions, leaving North American drivers yearning for the added allure and exhilaration that the Prelude Type S brings to the table.

7. Honda S2000 Type V (2000): The Honda S2000 gained a dedicated following with its high-revving engine, precise handling, and open-top driving experience. The Type V edition, available in international markets, further elevated the S2000's performance with additional enhancements. North Americans, captivated by the S2000's reputation, found themselves yearning for the extra dose of excitement and adrenaline that the Type V variant provides.

8. Honda CR-X Del Sol (1992-1998): Combining compact-car practicality and open-top driving exhilaration, the Honda CR-X Del Sol charmed the world. Its retractable roof, sporty design, and spirited performance made it a beloved choice. North America missed out on the chance to experience this captivating Honda offering firsthand, leaving aficionados dreaming of the wind in their hair and the thrill of driving the CR-X Del Sol on scenic roads.

While Honda has introduced numerous models to the North American market, there is a world of hidden gems that remain exclusive to international markets. As we uncover these hidden treasures, we celebrate the innovation and passion that define Honda to this day. Although North America may have missed out on these extraordinary rides, their legacy lives on in the hearts of those who appreciate their rarity and exclusivity. Whether it's the pint-sized S660, the iconic Civic Type R (EK9), or the turbocharged City Turbo II, these unreleased Honda models serve as a reminder of the global impact and appeal of the Honda brand. We look forward to seeing the future innovations that Honda will bring to the North American market, keeping our passion for Honda vehicles burning bright.