What is Lane Keeping Assist?

Lane Keeping Assist System or LKAS for short is a great tool in the arsenal of safety features that Honda has incorporated into their standard safety suite. Lane Keeping Assist System works to keep your vehicle from drifting to other lanes in case you weren’t paying attention and will even gently turn the vehicle for you.  

How Does It Work? 

LKAS uses a windshield mounted camera to look for lane markers and the Electric Power Steering to help steer the vehicle. The system is designed to identify Bott’s Dots and other lane markings. If LKAS determines that your vehicle is deviating without a turn signal activated, it will attempt to steer the vehicle back to the center of the lane. LKAS is not designed to take over the driving or steering of the vehicle completely, that responsibility is still in the hands of the driver.  

How to Use Your Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) 

Reasons for LKAS Malfunction 

While this system is sophisticated and great at keeping drivers in their lanes, it can be tricked. It’s important to know where the sensors are for LKAS and other safety systems on your car so you know not to block them. Mounting other objects next to or on top of your sensors can cause them to malfunction.  

Weather can play havoc with the sensors. Fog, snow, rain, or extreme heat can obstruct them from seeing the road.  As well as winding roads may inhibit the ability of the sensors to see the road. 

This safety feature is designed to work at 72 KMH to 145 KMH. If your vehicle is going speeds lower than that or higher, it will not work as intended.  

The last reason that LKAS may not be working is that it may not be turned on. To turn it on, press the MAIN button on the steering wheel and select LKAS. It’s just that easy. 

If none of these conditions apply, you should schedule service with us at Barrie Honda and we’ll get your issue dealt with in a timely manner.