What Does The Sun Do To Your Interior?

With Summer here, it is important that we take care of ourselves when it comes to the heat. Make sure to drink water, put on sunscreen, and don’t overexert yourself. But what about your vehicle? You may not know this, but the sun and heat can damage your vehicle and it is important to know how it does so, so you can prevent it.  

  1. Hot Tires 
    1. Hot air can get trapped in your tires and inflate them significantly. This causes the tire itself to deflate quickly and when the deflated tires touch hot pavement, you run the risk of a blowout.  
    2. Preventative care: Make sure that your tires are up to date, and you aren’t driving on old tires. Old rubber can crack and break easier than new rubber. Check the tire pressure on your vehicle weekly during heatwaves, and visually inspect them to make sure they don’t have any bumps or cracks.  
  2. Cracking Leather & Vinyl 
    1. Much like your own skin, the leather and vinyl in your vehicle can get dried out from the sun and heat and cause it crack.  
    2. Preventative care: Try not to park directly in the sun, try to find shady spots where available. During the hotter parts of summer, condition your leather and vinyl to make sure it stays hydrated.  
  3. Bleached Interiors 
    1. The sun is a powerful force and spending a lot of time in its rays can cause discoloration of your interiors. Magnified by the windows your vehicle, the UV rays over time can damage sensitive materials like leather in your car.  
    2. Preventative care: Easily protect your interiors by parking in the shade or using windshield sun protection. You can also buy seat covers at our parts department to protect the sensitive leather.  
  4. Overheating Engine 
    1. Combustion engines work on a very basic principle using the power of explosions to push your vehicle forward. Thus, your vehicle comes with cooling measures to make sure that it doesn’t overheat, however the summer heat can add more than the system can handle and cause failures. 
    2. Preventative care: Make sure to get a seasonal checkup and fluids topped off before a heatwave hits. This will lower the risk of failure in the important functions of your vehicle.  

While every season comes with its own dangers, Summer can be the deadliest due to the nature of heat. According to the CCMTA (Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators), the most traffic accidents happen during the summer months. Take preventative care of you and your vehicle, and you can lower your risk of being one of those statistics. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our service department at Barrie Honda!