Why Can’t I Find The New Honda I Want In Barrie?

You may have noticed recently that it’s harder to find and buy many popular vehicles. Due to a global semiconductor shortage caused by manufacturers’ choices in reaction to the pandemic, dealer stock of new cars, trucks and SUVs are at an all-time low…and going lowerRead on for a deep dive on what is happening, and the potential solution for you.  The great news is Barrie Honda can still help you find the perfect Honda for you! 

While factories were shut down during the pandemic, assembly lines were completely halted, which stopped the production of all aspects of a vehicle, including the computers. Manufacturing plants became ghost towns with half-completed vehicles sitting idle for months.  

A small number of manufacturers stockpiled semiconductors and were able to continue making new vehicles as soon as their factories were safely reopened. In the wake of a drop in vehicle sales in early 2020 thoughmost other companies cut back on their orders for parts, including semiconductors.  

Distribution has been largely impacted as well. Many manufacturers of semiconductors must deal with a shortage in shipping containers and lack of planes that are still grounded due to the pandemic. Priority shipping has been given to the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine which also cuts down on the availability of airfreight.  According to Clear Metal, which monitors over 90% of ocean freight, nearly 7% of ocean freight is not making it out of China ports this quarter. 

Why Are Silicon Chips Important? 

Silicon chips are a key element in technologies that run through your vehicle. They control the rate of fuel injection, run infotainment systems, provide the brain for cruise control, and much more. The semiconductor chip is the heart and soul of your vehicle and without it, your vehicle can’t run.  

Semiconductors not only are an integral part of the vehicle but also in almost every technology we use today. From phones, to laptops, to lifesaving medical devices, this shortage is expected not only to hurt the automotive industry but also every other industry out there. If the semiconductor is not used in the product, its used in the making of the product.  

What Can I Do? 

While it may be harder to get a vehicle right now, there are new Honda vehicles of every type in stock and in the pipeline to Barrie Honda. Contact us with your vehicle needs and  we’ll lock in your desired car before it gets to the dealership. We also have a great selection of gently owned 2018 and newer Honda Certified Pre-owned vehicles to choose from. We would like to serve you best and in this time of inventory shortage, Barrie Honda still has access to the best new Honda vehicles.