Honda Built In Wi-Fi, Where and When You Need It

Recently, Honda announced a partnership with Bell in order to bring built in Wi-Fi hotspots to your vehicle. This 4G LTE network will allow you to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere you can put your vehicle. So where are some of the places you can use it? Let’s give you some ideas: 

  1. Your kids’ soccer games 
    1. We all know the struggle, one minute you’re watching your kid score a goal and the next you get an email from your boss that says you need to get a report in, or something was missing. Easy! Turn on that Wi-Fi hotspot in your Odyssey and bam, that report is done! 
  2. Out in nature 
    1. Go for a hike and while you’re there, get some work done or write a novel. Change up your office space with a little more outdoor space, all thanks to your Pilot.  
  3. Hotels 
    1. Hotels are notorious for having slow Wi-Fi, so bust out the hotspot in your Accord and download some movies for your entertainment! 
  4. Airports 
    1. You can never trust the airport Wi-Fi to be safe or fast, so activate your hotspot in your CR-V before you go in so you can download all the entertainment you need for your flight, or quickly change your flight before it’s too late. 
  5. Outdoor Parties 
    1. Let’s say you’re having an outdoor party and you really want to get it going with some music, but darn, you don’t have the song you want. Use the hotspot in your Ridgeline and the in-bed exciters to get the party started! 
  6. Family Road Trips 
    1. There are likely few things worse than hearing the same audio track from the two movies you downloaded for a family road trip that got unexpectedly extended. Now your kids in the back can have all the entertainment they need at their fingertips. 

Having Wi-Fi where you need it, when you need it is a great thing. You can turn a boring road trip into an adventure using the power of Honda’s built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot Powered by Bell. Watch this video on how to activate your hotspot. If you have any questions, feel free to come Orleans Honda to get more information about this neat feature!