Honda Hunting Season

It’s Moose and Deer hunting season in Ontario and that means you need a vehicle that will be able to take you to your game and be able to bring it back out. Luckily for you, Honda has a few vehicles for you to choose from for your next hunting trip.  

When it comes to off road capabilities, the CR-V, HR-V, Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline all have the capabilities to take you on the wild trails where you game is. However, for hunting, you want a vehicle that will not only be able to take you to the trails but will also be able to haul your gear and your game afterwards. 

For small game and day trips, we suggest you take the CR-V or the HR-V. Though both are equally capable to take you to the trails, they don’t have the same carrying capacity as the Pilot, Passport and Ridgeline without towing a trailer. The CR-V and HR-V both have Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System which can handle tough terrain.  

For medium sized game and longer trips, the Pilot and Passport are the perfect vehicles to get you out there with your buddies. Their Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD system (I-VTM4) and Intelligent Traction Management System are great for going deep into the wilds and not getting stuck 

For bigger game and longer trips, we would recommend taking the Ridgeline as this vehicle can hold even a moose in its bed along with your hunting and camping gear. The Ridgeline is equipped IVTM4 along with a 2,267 kg towing capacity and Intelligent Traction Management System which means it can handle even the toughest terrain with ease.  

No matter what vehicle you take this hunting season, make sure that it is equipped with all your emergency items needed for your trip. Even with a vehicle that is designed to be tough, accidents happen, and you don’t want to be stranded out with no way home. Don’t forget to equip proper tires to your vehicles as well as the weather is getting colder and snow can be found at higher elevations.  

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s capabilities, feel free to ask the Barrie Honda Service Department!