Honda Celebrates 10 Years of It’s Unique Transmission

Honda’s DuaClutch Transmission was first introduced in 2010 on the VRF1200F Sport Tourer. Since then, it has been integrated on adventure bikes, touring bikes, ATVs and sidebysides. This transmission is unique in the Powersports world as it provides the rider the ability to focus more on the riding itself and reduce riding fatigue. In the competitive world, this gives Honda riders an advantage, and out in the recreational world, allows riders to engage in lower stress riding.  

How it Works: 

DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) works during gear changes; while one clutch on odd gear disengages, the other clutch even gear simultaneously engages, creating a seamless shift. These gear changes can be made in both “Manual mode” where the rider can change gears using paddles-shifters, or in Automatic where the computer senses triggers like vehicle speed, engine RPM, and throttle opening angle to figure out which gear is best to shift to.  

This technology has been very successful in the last ten years because Honda is constantly improving the technology and all the nuances of gear shifting, so it’s more seamless than ever before. Honda has also adapted DCT for bikes like the Africa Twin which has a G switch for off-road focused riding, or by synchronizing it with Hill Start Assist, Walking Mode, and Idle Stop on the GL1800 Gold Wing Luxury Tourer.  

If you would like to learn more about DCT and how it works, you can read about it on Honda’s Worldwide Website here 

Don’t forget that you can come in anytime to our dealership and ask our Honda experts which bikes have Dual Clutch Transmission and see if it’s right for you.