Honda’s Pledge to the Community

With an unprecedented situation like COVID-19, Honda has responded by standing up for local communities. Initiating an effort in the spirit of community, Honda has pledged $1 million to food banks and meal programs across Canada, U.S., and Mexico and those who are most vulnerable in this time of uncertainty.

The Honda family of companies will also be donating to local community organizations that address food uncertainty like food banks and food programs. In addition to the pledge, the company also will implement a Special Matching Gift Program that enables Honda associates to make monetary donations to food programs in their local communities, matching up to $1,000 for each individual gift.

Honda is focusing on three immediate needs of the community; food security as mentioned, potentially using resources to manufacture medical equipment for professionals battling COVID-19 and deploying “virtual volunteers” for those in need. Virtual Volunteers will be Honda associates who will play a key part in the campaign to give back to the community. These key players will reach out to non-profits and people in need to find opportunities to support them in this trying time.

Along with the $1 million donation, the North American Honda facilities have donated Personal Protective Equipment like N95 face masks to healthcare providers and 3-D printers to manufacture visors that meet the criteria for medical equipment along with partnering with other companies.

For customers, Honda is offering payment extension and referrals, along with late fee waivers for Honda and Acura customers impacted by this pandemic. Qualified customers will receive a 90-day deferred payment for new vehicle sales that are financed by Honda and Acura financial services.

It may be challenging right now but Honda believes by coming together as a community, we will all come out of this stronger together. By lending a helping hand to those around us in our communities and by showing compassion, we will get through this more united than before.