Salt vs Sand vs Kitty Litter

When preparing for the winter, many websites tell you to have salt, sand, or kitty litter in your car in case your vehicle gets trapped and needs some extra traction to get out. However, which one is best? Here are the pros and cons of each one. 


All these options provide traction for your car at a low cost and each have their own benefits…and disadvantages. Some cities have stopped using salt to de-ice their roads for fear of environmental impact; however, sand can also affect the environment if used too zealously. Kitty Litter does not melt ice so it shouldn’t be used for de-icing your driveway and should be used sparingly as there are chemicals in the formula. Sand also doesn’t melt ice and needs to be reapplied if covered in snow. Sand’s environmental impacts are limited if the user makes sure to clear drains and sewers of sandy buildup. Kitty litter and sand both have immediate affects though the ice doesn’t go away unless the temperatures rise.