What Is a Honda Powerhouse Store?

First of all let's define it -- Powerhouse: a one stop shop for power equipment, ATV’s, motorcycles and basically everything that Honda makes, with the exception of its car lines.

So, it’s a showroom what makes it so special? It’s much more than that: Powerhouses not only sell an absolutely massive array of Honda equipment but also have fully staffed factory trained Parts & service departments filled with highly knowledgeable staff ready to handle any potential issues that might arise with one of their products. 

What do they sell?

Honda has a very diverse line of products that they offer for both consumer and professional uses which include: 

  • Motorcycles
  • All terrain vehicles (think quads or dirt bikes)
  • Side by Sides (essentially up-sized ATV’s with greater cargo capacity)
  • Power generators
  • Outboard motors
  • Yard care equipment (Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, edger’s etc.)
  • Snow blowers
  • Honda branded apparel 
  • Spare parts
  • Oil and assorted lubricants

In many areas Powerhouse locations tend to be slightly less widespread than traditional Honda car dealerships but, luckily Barrie Honda just so happens to run a Powerhouse location across the street from the main store. Stop by and give it a look you might be surprised at what you end up bringing home with you.

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