Five Hiking Spots to Visit This Summer

Summer is in full swing and we hunted down five hiking trails that are worth a look if you're a fan of the outdoors.

Warnica Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3.9 KM
If you need a good warm-up trail the Warnica Trail loop is an excellent choice; located adjacent to Wilkings beach. While this trail does feature a few hilly portions, it is an otherwise good all-skill level trail on which to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and features great bird watching opportunities along the lakeside. Even better; this trail is pet-friendly so, you can bring your four-legged friends along for the fun-just don’t forget to bring your leash. 

Ardagh Ring Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5.1 KM
If you’re looking to stay fairly close to Barrie this is the perfect spot. Featuring roughly 18 kilometers of non-motorized hiking trails spread out over Nearly 250 acres. This trail is pet-friendly and links up to several other notable trails in the greater Ardagh Bluffs area ensuring a whole afternoon of fun. Be aware that this trail has a bit of a reputation for being muddy so, prepare accordingly when you're exploring in cooler months.

North Simcoe Rail Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 24.6 KM
Looking to add a little history to your hike? The North Simcoe Rail Trail follows a portion of the old rail bed for the North Simcoe Railway which was active for roughly 110 years until its closure and subsequent abandonment in 1994. The trail passes by numerous picturesque streams and has several areas that work well as bird watching sites. Bear in mind, that this is a mixed-use trail so expect to see not only hikers but cyclists, horseback riders and during the winter; snowmobiles and cross country skiers. 

Thornton-Cookstown Trans Canada Trail
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Distance: 14 KM
If you’re looking for a low impact nature hike this trail is for you. The trail winds its way through forested and pastoral areas and even passes through nearby Thorton; offering the opportunity to stop for a bite to eat or even some casual urban exploration along the way. This trail has been graded and has a bed of gravel for large portions of it making it highly accessible to a wide range of skill levels. Of note is that this trail is also pet-friendly which is an added bonus. 

Bruce Trail: Caledon Hills
Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 71 KM
Looking for something a little more challenging? The Caledon Hills section of the Bruce Trail should fit the bill nicely. This trail gains an impressive 2028 meters over the course of its meandering length which features some notably steep sections and numerous shorter side trails to explore along its length.An added plus is that certain sections of it are prime wildflower bloom locations, making a springtime visit well worth your while. We’d recommend you bring lunch with you on this one, and maybe even a sleeping bag--depending on how much of it you want to hike.

The great part about living around here is that there’s more than just these five trails to check out. Get out there and explore if you happen to find some interesting trails don’t forget to share them in the comments so, everyone else can enjoy them too!

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five hiking spots

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five hiking spots

Photo courtesy of the Ontario Trails Council

five hiking spots

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